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Composition : 100mg/2ml
TRAMADOL: It is a weak against at all types of opiod receptors with some selectivity for neuroreceptors. It is a good analgesic. But has little respiratory depression and GI effects. No drug dependence or tolerance to analgesic effects occurs.
Indications: Severe acute and chronic pain in diagnostic procedures and surgical pain, arthralgia, pain associated with fractures and osteoarthritis.
Dosage: Oral :50-100 mg 2-3 times daily. Maximum 400mg divided doses . IV/IM/SC 100 mg Child 1.15 mg/kg Maximum 500 mg.
Contra-Indications: Respiratory depression, asthma, heart failure, head injury, hypersensitivity, acute C.N.S. intoxications due to alcohol.
Safety profile: Hypothtyroidism, renal damage, myasthenia gravis. Alcohol, not to drive or operate machinery
Adverse effects: Sweating, nausea, vomiting, animation, dizziness.
Drug interactions: Concomitantly administered tranquillisers and other CNS depressants sedative effects potentiated. MAOI’s fatal interaction occurs opioid analgesics like buprenorphine, butorphanol ans pentazocine may precipitate with drawal symptoms.
Purity : Not less than 99%


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