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Gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) is a precursor in the manufacture of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB). In
aqueous solution, GBL undergoes a hydrolysis reaction and exists in equilibrium with GHB. This solution chemistry is strongly dependent upon solution pH, as well as other factors, and is discussed in detail in the GHB monograph.
Relatively pure samples of GBL produce a blue phase below the red reagent solution, which slowly dissipates
as GBL dissolves into solution. Other organic liquids (e.g., ethanol, acetone) may also produce a blue color, but
appear differently as the entire solution develops blue. 1,4-Butanediol, as well as aqueous solutions of GBL,fail to produce a color change. An alternative procedure entailing a toluene extraction has been developed for aqueous solutions of GBL (Morris, 1999), but may be difficult to interpret. Recently the hydroxamic acid test
has been reported as an effective presumptive test for GBL with less false positives (Morris, 2005).


GAMMA-BUTYROLACTONE LIQUID is a chemical. People use it as medicine. Be careful not to confuse gamma butyrolactone (GBL) with gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB).
Despite serious safety concerns and illegality, people take gamma butyrolactone for improving athletic perform, and sexual performance and pleasure. They also take it for relieving depression and stress, prolonging life, promoting clear thinking, causing relaxation, and releasing growth hormone. GBL is also used to trim fat and as a body- or muscle-builder. Some people take it as a recreational drug Gamma butyrolactone) is the name given to the drugs GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) and GBL (gamma butyrolactone).Other names include G, Gina, Liquid E and Liquid ecstasy.GHB is an odourless, oily liquid, with a slightly salty taste, usually sold in small bottles or capsules.  The effects usually occur within 15-20 minutes and last up to 3-4 hours.
GBL is a liquid with a chemical smell and taste.  GBL is a precursor to GHB, which means that it is converted to GHB inside your body after swallowing.  It has a faster onset of action than GHB, and is often more potent – so a smaller dose is required to have the same effect.GBL is usually swallowed in its liquid form, often mixed with water or a soft drink. Never mix GBL with alcohol as these 2 substances interact and can lead to death.  Less often it is snorted or inhaled.  Injecting GBL is dangerous.
There is a very good reason for starting small, which we will come to soon. Do not drink it neat straight from the pipette. If it’ll clean alloys, it’ll not be nice to your teeth, gums, tongue and throat. Most people prefer to mix it with fruit juice in a shot glass.
Even then you might be shocked by the unpleasant taste. Don’t worry about your stomach, that has far more powerful acids in it than geeb. Dosage should not under any circumstances be repeated less than (at least) hourly. If it didn’t work, then don’t have another for an hour and a half. Experienced users, especially those with increased tolerances, tend to leave two hours.


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