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N-ethyl-nor-hexedrone (Hexen) is a stimulant in the cathinone class. It’s only been on the market since ~2015 and little more than anecdotal reports exist about its activity.
It’s become somewhat popular due to its recreational potential. People have turned to the drug as an alternative to methamphetamine, cocaine, alpha-PHP, and alpha-PVP, among other recreational stimulants. It’s most often used via fast-acting routes of administration (e.g. intranasal and inhalation) to maximize its recreational effects.
Though most people are pursuing euphoria when using it, the drug may be used as a productive stimulant at low to common doses.

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HEX-EN is a drug that results in a significant desire to continue reusing it, leading to potential bingeing on the drug. Continuing to use the drug after it no longer produces euphoria often results in anxiety, psychosis (particularly paranoid delusions and hallucinations), jitteriness, hyperactivity, nervousness, appetite loss, and insomnia.
It appears that the drug has similarities to amphetamines and cocaine regarding its diminishing euphoric effects and the tendency toward reuse of the drug to produce more negative effects than positive effects. Abuse of substances with stimulant qualities at high doses (e.g., as a result of continued bingeing of Hexen) is known to be associated with the development of psychosis.
For some individuals, the psychosis occurring as a result of stimulant abuse may not fully resolve even with treatment. Estimates range from 5 percent to 15 percent of users who develop psychosis may not see this issue fully resolve after long-term abstinence. These individuals may need long-term treatment with antipsychotic medications that can lead to further complications.
In addition, stimulants are commonly abused with central nervous system depressants, such as alcohol. This combination can lead to serious issues with potential overdoses, an increased potential for seizures, which can be fatal, and long-term polysubstance abuse issues that can lead to significant health problems and problems with social functioning.
There is little research regarding the specific abuse potential of Hexen, although given that it is classified as a synthetic cathinone and that the anecdotal evidence indicates it is associated with compulsive bingeing, potential psychosis similar to amphetamine or cocaine psychosis, a short duration of effects, and initial euphoric effects that may lead to attempts to reuse the substance very quickly, it can be surmised that the drug does have a potential for abuse. Many of the drugs related to Hexen produce a form of physical dependence when chronically abused, although the symptoms of withdrawal associated with these drugs are most often emotional or psychological in nature as opposed to physical symptoms like nausea, vomiting, etc.
A person diagnosed with a substance use disorder as a result of abusing Hexen would most likely qualify for a diagnosis of a stimulant use disorder based on the diagnostic criteria for substance use disorders put forth by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).This diagnosis would be associated with:
Dysfunction or significant distress occurring as a result of use of the drug Issues with controlling use of the drug that could occur across numerous contexts Continuing to use the drug in spite of issues with functioning normally, physical health, or psychological/emotional health.


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